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revenue·x is a revenue and growth marketing advisory firm providing services to help early-stage and medium-sized businesses build repeatable and predictable revenue growth and accelerate sales.We do this in various ways, including fractional sales and marketing leadership (Fractional CRO / CMO), coaching, upskilling, and project-based initiatives such as building your sales playbook and implementing data-driven sales processes with your CRM as the source of truth. Our services generally fit best with companies that range in their growth from Seed to Series B.Remember, sales have changed considerably over the years - it's not just a steak dinner and a game anymore.
Successful sales growth requires data, technology, process, and coaching.

Common Challenges of Growing Companies

  • Lacking a clear and actionable plan to reach your targets

  • Teams juggling conflicting priorities

  • A slump in growth after initial success

  • Tracking the right data to analyse performance and make data-driven decisions

  • Need to build an effective repeatable sales process

  • Software overkill - not sure what revenue tools to use

  • Need to align sales comp and incentives to drive results

  • Misalignment between Marketing and Sales



  • Stand-up your revenue generating process (from the right people to the right platforms to the right processes) that will drive repeatable and predictable growth

  • Top-down revenue planning and funnel optimization

  • Determine the right focus - customers and channels

  • Build an effective sales motion and develop your sales playbook

  • Set up your sales process (incl CRM) - pipelines stages, hand-offs, etc.

  • Develop, grow and manage a revenue-driving partnership ecosystem

  • Build an effective outbound repeatable and scalable multi-channel process.

  • Manage the complete sales cycle to reduce conversion times and get better results.

  • People - recruiting assistance (posting, screening, interviewing)

  • Sales and Leadership coaching from SDR to VP

growth marketing strategy & execution

  • Stand-up or evolve your marketing team to contribute to revenue generation

  • Deploy a test and learn approach to determine what strategies and executions drive the best results

  • Evolve your website into a revenue generating tool

  • Prioritize marketing and sales efforts with customer segmentation

  • Determine and focus on your ideal customer profile (ICP)

  • Deploy demand generation strategies and digital marketing campaigns that get results

  • Build your foundational marketing and sales collateral

  • Include events and trade shows as part of your lead generation strategy

  • Build out and focus your marketing on your partner channel


revenue•x offers various packages and pricing levels to meet your changing needs as you grow


  • Bespoke package to meet your needs, based on delivery against specific objectives

  • Pricing based on project value and time requirements

Early-Stage Growth Subscription

  • 3 - 6 month subscription agreement

  • Up to 2 days a week

  • Fractional CRO or CMO services

  • Pricing varies based on length of subscription and number of days per week

Up and Running Retainer

  • 3 - 12 month subscription agreement

  • CRO and/or CMO leadership focused on strategy, coaching and incremental improvements to sales and growth marketing

  • Includes a number of on-demand coaching hours

  • Pricing varies based on the length of subscription and the number of days per week

Sales Training

Revenue•X Guide to Effective SellingSkill Fundamentals and Best Practices

Building an outbound sales process? Looking to grow your revenue with improved sales skills? Onboarding new sales people or ramping up a new team? Upskilling some or all of your team on sales best practices?If any of these sound like your business, the revenue•x Guide to Effective Selling will help. A five topic series of custom training sessions covering skill fundamentals and best practices.

revenue•x Guide to Effective Selling

  • 5 (five) sessions of 1.5 hours each

  • Up to 20 participants in each session

  • Customized for you

Sessions Include:

  • Sales Cycle Management

  • Outbound Prospecting Best Practices

  • Cold Call Upskilling

  • Sales Emails That Don't Suck

  • Social Selling Required

Session Briefs

revenue•x Guide to Effective Selling

Designed to help your sales team understand how to manage an effective sales cycle - from core skill fundamentals to best practices. This session includes tips on reducing the sales cycle, memorable communication, and meeting management. Sales Cycle Management will reinforce good behaviors, provide new ideas and motivate your team for success.

In this session, we cover tips and tricks to build and manage an effective outbound prospecting process. We will discuss the attitude required to be a great business developer and remind the team that humans buy, not companies. We will dive into multi-channel prospecting and touch on each element of the process - from cold calling to email writing, to how to connect with prospective buyers on Linkedin. This session will teach your team new ways to generate attention from prospects.

In our cold calling session, we remind salespeople that a more human approach to sales is more effective. This session will dive into how to use a cold calling framework for improved effectiveness and to build company-wide consistency for scaling. We will discuss listening more than talking, identifying the problem, avoiding pitching, handling objections and the importance of practice.

From the need for A/B testing, to subject line tips to copy length and call to actions - it's all discussed in this session. Get tips on what has a greater chance to work for you and learn the importance of standing out from the crowd. At the end of this session, the team will want to go back to all their past sales emails and improve them immediately.

Social Selling is yesterday's email. Many years ago cold calling was a primary sales channel (and it still works) and then email became the most common sales channel because it was faster, cheaper, and scalable. Now, social selling is critical to your ongoing sales success. Using platforms like LinkedIn to build relationships in your industry, add value to prospective buyers and to nudge them into an off-line discussion, will increase your sales over-time. Learn how to get started or raise your game now.

About revenue•x

We Know We Don't Know Everything

  • We are good, but not perfect. We leverage our network of trusted partners when we come across a task where their expertise exceeds our own.

We Care

  • Everyone has their own challenges. We believe people deserve an honest and caring approach to working together.

  • No fluff, no bull, no fancy sales talk. Just honest and transparent discussion.

We Say We Do

  • Our "say/do" is 100. If we say we will do something, we do it 100% of the time.

Neil Weitzman is the Founder and CEO of revenue•x, a revenue and growth marketing advisory firm providing fractional CRO | CMO services to help early-stage and medium-sized businesses build repeatable and predictable revenue growth and accelerate sales. As an experienced revenue leader, Neil brings 25+ years of learning (success and failure) within B2B SaaS, technology, consulting and data businesses. He has taken on leadership roles in large enterprises and emerging growth companies, leading teams in sales, partnerships, marketing, data monetization, and insights and analytics.Before dedicating his time to the firm, Neil was the Chief Revenue Officer of RIWI (TSXV: RIWI), where he led global sales, marketing, and customer success. Neil’s past roles include Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Environics Analytics, Vice President at Deloitte, Vice President of the Consumer and Analytics Practices at Nielsen, Senior Vice President and Managing Partner at Dentsu, Head of Insights at Rogers and Vice President at Nielsen.Neil has helped lead companies through different growth stages, including $0-$3M, $3-$6M, $20-$50M, and $100M-$200M. He is a proud Scalewise Scale Coach, a member of the Revenue Collective, part of the Mahdlo Executive Advisor network, and a Chartered Marketer through the Canadian Marketing Association. Neil is passionate about the advising he does with early-stage companies such as Intuitive AI.Neil lives by the POP principles (Passionate, Optimistic, Perseverance) and prides himself on having a perfect say/do ratio.

Past work

Growth, Partnerships, and Advisory

VP Customer Advisory

SVP Marketing (CMO) and Partnerships

VP Strategy, Sales, Partnerships


Sales & Marketing Advisor

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Growth Officer (Fractional)

Outbound Strategy

Sales Coach (Fractional)

Head of Insights and Analytics

Chief Revenue Officer (Fractional)

Chief Revenue Officer (Fractional)

Sales and Growth Marketing Advisor/Consultant


Managing Partner / SVP

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